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Helping America's small petroleum retailers and convenience stores keep serving local communities.

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Comments submitted to EPA on behalf of the Coalition request a change to the point of obligation in the RFS to protect small, single-store owners and medium-sized gas stations and convenience stores.

Our Coalition

The Small Retailers Coalition is a national trade association dedicated to protecting and advancing the interests of thousands of small, independent petroleum retailers and convenience stores. Our members are serving communities across the country, but our businesses are being threatened by large retailers who are making huge profits through a provision of the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS). A smart, reasonable change to this biofuels program would level the playing field for retailers of all sizes, helping businesses to compete and consumers to save.

Challenge for Small Businesses

Under the RFS, small retailers face a competitive disadvantage to large retailers.

Increased Cost for Consumers

RFS-induced market distortions reduce competition and raise costs.

Reform for Us All

US regulators should modify the RFS to restore balance for businesses and consumers.

Large retailers are using the RFS to significantly expand their market share by selling renewable fuel trading credits and buying lower cost fuel. Small retailers are driven out and – with fewer options – prices for consumers are driven up.

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